About us

Jim and Evelyn

The Barnabas Ministry of Encouragement was launched in 1999 by Pastor Jim Palmer, as he came to retirement, after 35 years of planting and pastoring churches across the UK. He has a Barnabas heart for ministry and felt called by God to focus more on his wider ministry connections. In 2005 he married Evelyn, who had been ministering in China for 10yrs, aiding disabled orphans, together they now became Barnabastwo. Their ministry is now focused in the Philippines, mainly on the island of Mindanao, South Philippines, although they keep their first contact with ACJM Church in Manila, originally in a squatter’s area. We have a diverse ministry of mentoring, counselling and teaching Pastors and churches, as well as providing humanitarian aid in many forms. We are also establishing Shiloh Prayer Mountain, a site dedicated to the Lord, for quiet, peaceful reflection, in a beautiful setting, with a conference centre, dormitory, set in 9 hectares of land.


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