Contact information

Barnabas Ministry Office:

PO Box 635, Fareham, Hants, UK, PO14 9JF


Charity details:

Registered Charity
Barnabas Ministry of Encouragement – Registered Charity No. 1105669

List of Trustees:-
| Rev. Jim Palmer Chairman |
| Rev. Roger Collinson Vice Chairman |
| Evelyn Palmer | Julia Franklin | Alexander Wright |
| Mary Fairfield | Jean Powell | Robert Schroeder |
| Valerie Wright |

Gift Aid details:

If you are thinking of supporting the Barnabas Ministry of Encouragement, it would be helpful to contact our office. We can quickly send out to you a “gift aid” form, or you can use the link below to print out a form and send it to us. Using Gift Aid can make your donation worth more. If you pay income tax, for every pound you give to us, we get an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue. Select this Link to access a Gift Aid Form - to print out yourselves:

in advance, we thank you for your valuable support

If you require help or further information please contact